welcome to the PM Sketchbook.

The Performance Management Sketchbook™ is an important tool in the PM Reboot process. It helps you consider how well your current performance management program is working, guides you to identify what’s most important to your future program, and provides you a clear picture of the gaps between the two.

Even better, our Team Sketchbook can help you align your entire design team. How great would it be if you could start the conversation already knowing the preferred design principles of each person? The team version of the sketchbook helps you to assess everyone’s design principles against the Three Common Goals, and allows you to see what kind of performance management frame each person would design if left to his/her own devices. Invite the people you want to participate, and we will take care of reaching out to them and gathering and tabulating their sketchbook results into a valuable report that's designed to drive alignment conversations.

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